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Welcome to RLE Media

RLE Media is a Maryland based commercial media and imaging firm. Our small staff of photographers and videographers are available to handle a wide variety of different projects in a fast and professional fashion.

We started our business as a small freelance photography and videography service, providing newsworthy images to local and national news outlets. Over time we have grown to include other services such as live broadcasting, commercial photography, video editing, related graphic arts, aerial photography, videography and specialty imaging, and more. Despite our commercial nature, we also offer custom stock media curation for just about anyone.

Our aerial services division was new back in 2018, and has now become one of our most used tools. Our UAS pilots are certified under the FAA Part 107 rules to fly unmanned aerial platforms commercially. Additionally some of our pilots are certified by ITC as Level 1 Thermographers allowing us to provide thermal imaging that follows industry accepted standards and practices.

Please browse our site and see if we can be of service to you or your company or outlet.

KBWI Weather

2020-10-24T16:54:00+00:00 Z

Current Conditions - Cloudy
Temp: 75 F
Dewpoint: 61 F
Humidity: 62 %
Winds: NE - 37 MPH - Gusting to 0
Baro Pressure: 30 inHg
Heat Index: 24
Visibility: 10 Mi
BKN at 16,011 feet
OVC at 20,014 feet

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