Welcome to RLE Media


RLE Media is a Maryland based media curation business. We cover a wide variety of events from breaking news, to planned press conferences. Our small staff of photographers, videographers, writers and digital artists to handle a number of different projects in a quick and professional fashion.

Over time we have developed relationships with local and national media outlets to provide different types of media. You have probably seen our work in local newspapers, on local and national news programs, and even on various web sites. If you need something more personalized, we also sell our media directly to end users as well.

Maryland Based Media Curation Business

Within the last year, we have added a aerial services division. We now have several of our staff certified under the FAA Part 107 rules to fly unmanned aerial platforms for commercial work. In other words, we are in the air now as well as on the ground!

If you are in need of stock video, stock images or anything else, give us a call. Send us an email today and we will have your product by your deadline.

Please browse our site and see if we can be of service to you or your company or outlet.

General Video Sample
Aerial Video Sample