Aerial Services

Our new aerial services division provides a number of services that utilize small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) or drone aircraft. Each of our pilots are FAA part 107 certified which allows us to fly commercially and in locations that recreational pilots are not permitted to fly. FAA certification includes training in a verity of topics including inclusion into the National Airspace System, aviation weather, airport operations and communications, and more. Additional training is provided for night time operations, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) training, and other training as needed.

Aerial photography can give a unique view and can provide a real-time overview of an entire area. Aerial photography can track progress of a building project or site construction. Additionally aerial imaging can be used to survey building roofs to look for storm damage without the unnecessary risk to human life.


Each of our sUAS platforms is equipped with a camera of some verity. Our fleet of Phantom 4 pro drones provide excellent day and night images and are great for general purpose aerial photography. If customers need a specific type of camera or platform, please get in touch with us.


We can offer a great number of options for aerial video work. Our stock fleet can shoot in up to 4K resolution with up to 60 frames per second to give you that buttery smooth slow motion. We also have access to other platforms that include FLIR infrared cameras, multi-spectral NVDI (agriculture imaging) cameras, cinematic cameras and others. Each of these payloads requires a different aircraft and may have a minimum rental time for equipment.


We are not licensed surveyors, but are able to offer drone mapping services. Our mapping can deliver GPS accurate ortho maps, 3d modeling, 360 degree panoramas and more. It is important to note that if you need survey grade maps, a licensed surveyor would be required to place and mark known GPS targets on your site. While we are very accurate and can get to within centimeter level accuracy, it is not a substitute for a full and complete land survey.


Aerial Video Sample

We currently maintain a part 107 daylight waiver to allow us to operate beyond the normal part 107 sunrise to sunset time frame. Night operations may incur an additional fee due to the required additional personnel required to safely operate at night.

We also maintain Wide Area authorizations (WAA) for our local major airports including KBWI (Baltimore Washington Intl), KIAD (Washington Dulles Intl), KFDK (Frederick Municipal), KHGR (Hagerstown Regional), KESN (Easton Airport), KSBY (Salisbury-Ocean City Airport). Other Airports operate under the LAANC system and airspace authorizations are near instant. Special authorizations and waivers may take up to 90 days to obtain.

Please Read:

While we would love to take every single job, there are certain places we simply are not allowed to fly. Places include close proximity to major airports, near major sporting events, certain prohibited airspace including Washington DC and some surrounding areas (DC-FRZ; 15nm around DC). When you contact us, we will do an initial online map survey and reference your location against FAA sectional charts. In the event that your mission can not be flown due to airspace prohibitions or temporary flight restrictions (TFR) we will try and come up with an alternate plan. Under certain circumstances we can accomplish the same end result with an aerial pole and camera. Please understand that airspace changes sometimes happen rapidly and are out of our control.

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